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The EP contains a broad selection of compact, heavy duty helical gear drives with long life performance features and simplified maintenance. The use of condition of the artwork helical and worm equipment combinations affords optimum overall performance fulfilling a wide variety of ratio requirements. The EP can be functionally interchangeable with most major manufacturer’s drives.

Double and triple reduction ratios from 8:1 to 900:1,
4 case sizes – 830, 840, 850, 860
All products shipped pre-lubed for your unique installation position with EP UH1 6-460
Obtainable in NEMA C-face flanged and direct input
Projecting and hollow outcome shafts
Available accessories
Output flange kits
Torque arm kits
Base kits
Output shaft kits
Product Features
Available in nontoxic light (BK) and stainless epoxy finish (SBK)
Obtainable in hollow or projecting result shafts
Dual and triple reduction ratios
Flanged or foot mounted
All devices adaptable to flooring, sidewall or ceiling mounting
S series helical-worm equipment units
The effectiveness of our helical-worm gear units is their simple mechanical structure. This yields an increased efficiency than real worm gear units. Furthermore, the S series gear units are quiet during operation.
Helical-worm gear units: straightforward design, high efficiency
The simple design produces cost-effectiveness. The individual adjustment of torque and swiftness allows for space-saving installing our helical-worm gear units. Use the S series gear products to implement simple tasks in your equipment or plant applications.

The blend with a helical gear stage significantly increases the efficiency in comparison to pure helical-worm gear units. The linear ability tranny makes the helical-worm gear units especially quiet functioning. Why? Power is definitely transmitted via the worm shaft and the worm gear to the travel shaft. This dampens the torque impulses and minimizes the noise.

The torque ranges from 92 Nm to 4,000 Nm.

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