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Small Electric Motors
This small DC motor runs off any battery or solar cell which range from 0.5-volts to 6-volts and it is our best all-purpose electric motor. It is ideal for tinkering with direct current (DC) electrical power or creating motorized tasks of your design. It may also be utilized as a small DC generator.

This small DC motor rotates at about 1800 rpm at 2.0 volts. It is smaller and faster than our low velocity DC motor.

Our small electrical motors can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes for your capability of choice. We’ve been producing high quality products since we initial opened our doors and it is a custom that we make an effort to uphold long into the future. Come and experience the excellent customer service that we are guaranteed to provide! Visit our internet site or get in touch with our customer support department today!
A small electric electric motor is a fractional horsepower electric motor that has significantly less than one horsepower, or 745.7 watts, of power. Much like other simple electric motors, small electrical motors contain several simple parts: an axle, a metal enclosure, a field magnet, a nylon end cap, a rotor, a coil, and a power of some type. The quantity of power able to be created by a little electric motor will change in accordance to its size which is usually variable.

The small electric motor spins in various directions based on how the battery potential clients are hooked up. These motors are typically single stage or three phase based on required result and intended application. Considerations to be made when determining EP motor use include: whether a motor will be needed for constant or intermittent duty, voltage rankings, desired weight of engine, fan-cooling, adjustable speeds etc. Like all electrical motors, small electrical motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. They change electric energy into rotational motion by using the natural behavior of magnetism, or the attracting and repelling forces of a magnet strong enough to trigger rotation. These small motors are typically low cost and easy maintenance options for motor needs.